Dora! and the introduction of Carmello of the Ghetto!

image2080179352.jpgWhat is it about Dora the Explorer that make kids lose their damned minds?! I mean seriously…the insanity is outta control. I can’t have a conversation with my boy if dora is on! And we don’t even allow him to watch that much tv!

And let’s be real… The show sucks!!! Plain and simple…I mean… I get it…they HAVE to be repetetive…that’s how kids learn but DAaaaaamn!! Every episode is the saaaaaaame!

They need to make a black version…called…Carmello of the Ghetto…

Carmello and his travelling band of baby thugs would go from borrough to borrough collecting tokens for the subway. LOL.

It’s official…Carmello will make random appearances on the blog!!!!


3 thoughts on “Dora! and the introduction of Carmello of the Ghetto!

  1. LOL at Carmello. While on the subject of Dora can we discuss Swiper the Fox? I’m assuming no one else has issues with the fact that he’s a THIEF, and he doesn’t steal so he can have it, oh no, he steals stuff and then throws it in a tree. Swiper is a dick!


  2. I thought I was the only one observing this “Dora Phenomenon”. My child is truly addictted. At 7 p.m., it’s like a computer chip has been implanted into her cerebral cortex that won’t allow her to acknowledge anything except the show. I mean, this is a show about a gay ass map (I’m the map, I’m the map, I’m the map, I’m the MAPPPPPP!!!!) a talking backpack that carries every fucking item imaginable and a little girl that wears the same mis-match, ill-fitting outfit every fucking day!!! And the creator of this bullshit has to be a billionaire. I agree that we should make our own show. Really, how hard could it be?


    1. No really, why does the backpack have every item imaginable in it? Is it not heavy to carry around 5 books, 3 balls, a rope ladder, tape, snowsuits/gloves/hats/winter boots for Dora and Boots, and a pair of scissors.

      If Dora doesn’t stop being so prepared she is going to have scoliosis by age 10 from carrying around all that crap.


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