Hello world: Why I Blog!

What’s up Everyone,

Let’s try this again!!!

I’ve heard great things about WordPress, so we’ll see!

I’m gonna do this right this time.

A few people ask me why I choose to blog…and I honestly…the answer is simple.

I honestly believe that my perspective is unique…and that I’m pretty funny. Sike, just kidding. (no, really, I’m pretty funny)

Honestly…forreal forreal. I’m a Black Man. I love being a Husband. I love being a Father. I love talking to people. I love music. I love making other people better. I love writing poetry. I love hip hop. Looking back on that list of my “loves,” I think I’m pretty unique. I’m sure there are others, but you really don’t hear our perspective in any genuine and authentic media outlet…I’m not saying that this blog is it…but it’s my own way of getting my (our) perspective out “there.”

I love being married. My wife is beautiful! She’s my joy. I love being a dad…though it’s hard as hell, sometimes. My wife and I are a good team. It’s like I’m Jordan and she’s the Kobe of parenthood. We both have to take the lead sometimes, but when we do, we’re good…really good. I think.

Our son is 2, so we’ve only had 2 years to practice…but I honestly beleive that every stage of life, prepares you for the next…soooo, we’re the best parents of 2 year olds-EVER. If you were to throw in a 10 year old, different story.

Anyhoo, that’s what I do…that’s why I’m doing this. I just want my (our) voice out there…

Peep it…send it around…tell your friends and family.




3 thoughts on “Hello world: Why I Blog!

  1. If you want – I’d be more than happy to install wordpress on your main domain so you can have a little more control over it? And I’m not a svengali or anything, but I could probably help with the layout and design. Just let me know if you’d like 😉


    1. Hey! LOL. I got this message in my e-mail inbox, and I thought it was a spammer. I was like…WTF is going on? Someone is trying steal my information through wordpress. LOL. seriously!

      OK, now that I know it’s you, I’d definitely appreciate your assistance. The blogging thing is new to me…(kinda), so i’m figuring it all out. What do you mean by “installing wordpress on your main domain?” Let’s chat on FB or something…thanks for the help.


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