So, forreal forreal…

I had to pause and reflect on this one.

I read “The Secret” a few years ago…but it didn’t really stick with me at the time. I recognized its power, but there was too much going on in my life at the time for it to “stick.”

Well, during some “professional development” at work, our facilitator showed the movie, and WOW…it is OH SO relevant to my life right now.

In the past 3-4 weeks, I’ve been thinking about a beginning a new professional/personal challenge. In my mind,  I’ve been thinking myself OUT of the challenge. I’ve been telling myself I couldn’t do it, and that it was too much work…and ultimately, anything that takes me away from my wife and son, is seen as a negative.

After talking with my wife, family and friends…slowly but surely…My challenge didn’t seem so unreachable. The concept of time began to change in my mind; and my time with wifey and son was absolutely not going to suffer; if I didn’t want it to. It wasn’t until I started believing, that small things began to happen…

My mind was racing with thoughts and ideas: thoughts and ideas that were never commonplace in my mind. My creativity began to soar. My excitment grew. I came to the realization that…hey…I can actually do this.

It wasn’t until I began to believe. The moment I said…”Hey, what if…,” these positive thoughts and ideas flooded my mind. I couldn’t write down the ideas fast enough. God was truly making a way. I know that I will have to sacrifice and work hard…but those words (sacrifice and work) are so harsh to me. Sacrifice doesn’t sound empowering to me. Is it really “SACRIFICING” if you’re getting such a powerful reward? I’m not sure. Either way…I’m only speaking and thinking positive thoughts into fruition!

Needless to say, after I reflected on The Secret, it became apparent…once again…that you attract good things, if you have good thoughts. Your thoughts ARE things…that develop into your actions!

Believe that!


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