Why Church Makes Me Mad, sometimes…

What’s up people,

So, I’m sure this title may surprise some of the people that know me…but forreal…church makes me angry sometimes; Especially Black churches…

We go to church today…all is well. We’re having a good morning. Our son had a good morning (which is definitely a +)…We were ready on time (kinda), and all cylinders were go!

The weather was on some…”End of Days” shyt…Rain, snow, sleet, sun in a matter of 20 minutes. It was kinda cool…

We get to church…(Church will need its own post, forreal)…

Our Preacher (it was a guest preacher…which is another Debbie Downer of Church)…

The sermon was about “No matter what, you can get through it…” He then goes into saying…verbatum…”Somebody’s got fired…Somebody’s getting cheated on…Somebody is in need of a man…Somebody’s home is getting foreclosed…etc.” I mean…DAMN…welcome to church.Why do Black preachers feel the need to dwell in the sorrows of the “Black Community.” We get it dudes…black people got some issue…but must we DWELL on that first thing on Sunday morning…I’M SAYING.

What’s that all about?


2 thoughts on “Why Church Makes Me Mad, sometimes…

  1. A lot of preachers need to realize that people don’t want to be told what they’re doing wrong ALL THE TIME! And please don’t tell me what I NEED to do (especially when we all know that they’re not perfect). How about an uplifting sermon filled with positivity and hope? Everyone knows the things that they do wrong. We don’t need it pushed in our heads every single Sunday!


  2. I just really need him to learn how to stay STR words correctly. It was so distracting to me! I know it sounds bad… but I almost couldn’t take another skrenth or skrong.


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