What made me do this?

image913683845.jpgIt reads…

“nothing can stand in the way of the power of millions calling for change 1.20.09”

These were words uttered by our 44th president, Barack Obama.

These words inspired me to the core! Not only because of who said them…but the words move me.

They make me think how important it is to speak up…to defy the odds and stand in the face of adversity! Sounds cliché, right? Well…that cliché is our president…and our template for manhood!

The words remind me of this momentous moment in history…a movement I was involved and invested in…the rallies…the passionate discussions…encouraging friends that were hell-bent on Hillary…and McPalin.

I was one of those millions that stood up for change. And while we still live in a racist, sexist, commercialized, emperialistic (if that’s a word) country…I was STILL one of the millions that wanted more from our leadership!

So while some people have much to say about my tattoo, I have such an enormous sense of pride each and every time I look down at my arm…And raise my fist in solidarity or disagreement…in the words of Jay-Z…I used to give a f@ck, now I can give a f@ck less!!


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