Psychoanalyzing Kanye West (kinda)

This video is nuckin’ futs…

Many people don’t give Kanye the respect he deserves…I guess it doesn’t help that he KNOWS he’s the best and isn’t afraid to say it…over and over again…But think of it this way; How many people…regardless of their profession have the guts and confidence to say…”Hey, I’m the best at what I do…and if I’m not…I’m working very hard to get there…but most likely…I’m it.”

Not that I’m a Psychologist or anything…but Kanye is in my generation…the mix between Generation X and the Millennial generation. We’re the generation where our parents grew up telling us we could be anything we wanted to be…all-the-while…there were consistent messages outside of our families (media, friends, teachers, statistics) telling us that we couldn’t be much. Some of us took the route of breaking the mold…and being what we wanted to be…and some took the Humdrum route.

It seems like Kanye took the 1st approach to his music. He took the approach that he was going to defy the odds…and do something different…and succeed at it.

But Kanye has probably had haters all his life…People that didn’t want him to “break the mold.” People that wanted him to do the “norm.” We’ve all had that right?

Kanye’s in-your-face confidence is warranted, isn’t it? He does make the best music right now…doesn’t he? At least, he’s in the select few that’s doing something different at all times…Why do we get so upset when he tells us. Is it the way he does it? Is it because he does it so often? Or are we hating the fact that we don’t have the courage he does…to do things differently…regardless of our profession. I think we could all learn a lil’ lesson from Mr. West.

Yeah, you’ll call me a Stan. That’s cool…I can dig that. I just love Good Music…and in the past 10 years or so…there are few (mainstream) artist that give me what I need…


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