For My Brothers!

college days swiftly pass
college days swiftly pass


This weekend, I went back to my college to celebrate my fraternity’s 30th anniversary on campus; Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated. In 2006, we  celebrated 100 years of national service!!! The oldest and the coldest…is what they say!

Shout out to the Xi Delta chapter.

The weekend was great. Brothers that crossed in 1979 were there with brothers that crossed 3 months ago. Seeing the brothers together genuinely warmed my heart and gave me time to reflect of my “college days”, and how swiftly they do pass. My time on campus was filled with Alpha memories and moments; most of them good ones. It was great to take a walk down memory lane with the brothers and meet the current college brothers. They are truly holding it down!

The most rewarding aspect of the weekend was seeing how these young (middle aged), successful, proud, black men were united under such a positive cause. There are brothers doing some amazing things…very successful; CFOs, Vice Presidents, Managers, Leaders, Independent Businessmen, PhDs…and in some way, we all got our start with the Xi Delta chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, incorporated.

Even more so, it was great to hear the brothers talk so fondly of their families…their wives…their children. Everyone, in general was happy to have some time away from the regular routine (dad, husband, and other daily duties), but everyone talked so lovingly of their wives, and their fatherly/manly responsibilities. Don’t get me wrong, brothers definitely have their buttons pushed by well-meaning wives, aattention-starved children, racist/prejudiced colleagues and mounting economic woes…but in general, everyone is successful and happy in many aspects of their lives.

We talked about the stimulus plan and classic hip hop albums; private vs. public schools and the girls from our past.

This weekend truly highlighted the diversity of the black-male experience…and showed that brothers can get together for positive and empowering conversation…while re-living our college days. (my voice is still raspy from doing one too many AAA PHIIIIIs…and my legs kinda burn from doing one-too-many party walks…but I still got it, son…I STILL GOT IT!)


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