Are you really a Braveheart? REALLY?

image1702674280.jpgMany people think of Braveheart as one of the greatest movies of all time. Mel Gibsons character, William Wallace motivates his troops into battle against a seemingly unwinable war. We know the end result.

Reflecting on this movie led me to think about some people…who really consider themselves “bravehearts…” You know ’em. They say what they want without fear…without regard for others feeling…kicking ass and taking names. We all know a few of those.

In the recent past, I’ve begun to really…REALLY look at these people…to observe their actions and interactions.

In many situations that I’ve observed these “Bravehearts” are truly conflict-averse. They spit and spew their thoughts…their suggestions…they rant and rave…and get emotionally UNintelligent! (read the book Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman…immediately). However, when confronted on their thoughts and behavior, the Braveheartness tends to turn into B!tchassness. They are unable to back up their tough talk. They can’t seem to follow up their initial sentiments with much real talk and can’t seem to detach from their “I’m always right” attitude.

Personally, I prefer a more even approach…an approach that incorporates dialogue, discussion…and sometimea even agreeing to disagree.

Next time you interact with a Braveheart, challenge him, listen and respond in an emotionally intelligent way…then get ready for the dramatics. LOL


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