“Does this hurtful comment have a receipt?”

This is Kanye’s recent “Heartless” performance on VH1’s Storytellers.

What an amazing performance…specifically, this song.

In this song, he said a comment that stuck with me, and I haven’t been able to stop reflecting on the statement…

He said…while on bended knee, staring onto the stage floor…

“Does this hurtful comment have a receipt?” Check about the 2 minute 30 second mark…

Prior to this comment he says…”What did I do…to make you so heartless?”


Sometimes, people are so careless with their comments to you…right? Has anyone ever said anything to you, that made you pause…like…seriously?? SERIOUSLY?? Did you just say that? It’s not even that you’re hurt about the comment…you just can’t believe THEY were THAT malicious…the thoughtful…that outlandish in their thoughts…in attempts to hurt your feelings.

Does that make sense

When that’s happened to me…I’ve often thought…”What have I done to make YOU heartless…”

If people put as much thought into choosing their words and thoughts towards you, as they put into celebrity beef or choosing shoes for their new outfit, the world would be a much better place…and there wouldn’t be so many damaged people walking around…If people just paused for a second…reflected on their anger…and concentrated on their language, things would be so different. However, people respond and react based on emotion and not on truth and authenticity.

Just remember folks…many times…our “heartless” comments don’t have a receipt…not even after 30 days…not even if you open the “gift” or not. You can’t take some things back. Be kind…Be thoughtful…

and at the expense of being honest and “speaking your mind”…really THINK about how your comments have an impact on the world around you.

think about it!


One thought on ““Does this hurtful comment have a receipt?”

  1. I think most people don’t fully think of all the implications of their statements (verbal and nonverbal) as well as their actions. To kind of add to your last statement I think the worst case is when a person is aware that what they said was offensive and may be interpreted as so, will brush it off as them “being honest”, “speaking their mind”, “keeping it real”.

    There have been times where I have been on both sides of the issue. As the perpetrator…it was just complacency or just plain not thinking about what I saying. As victim, I noticed even when you speak to what they say most often than not it gets brushed off, and in that case if it really got to me, I’d try to come up with something just as hurtful to say.

    Like you said…we just need to be kind and be thoughtful.


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