UPDATE: “I dont’ dance…I’m Christian…”


A few days ago, I posted this story. I’ve had some serious conversations with folks about the Church, Christianity, Rules, Fear, Love, etc. Some of the most useful information we receive in life is from direct dialogue, people! It’s always great to be challenged and to hear and learn from a more informed perspective.

With that said…I ran across this VIDEO today (thanks TB)

I think THIS is a good representation of a church that can do some good in our communities.

I don’t know the pastor (though after 2-3 Google searches, it seems that he has quite the following), though it seems that our thinking patterns are aligned. Church is more than…”I’m Christian, I can’t dance or drink or smoke, etc…” Church should not only provide a biblical guideline or example, but should also provide real-world examples of how to address real-world situation, using a Christian (insert other religion) framework.

I know some Bible-heads will get at me…I’m no Bible-head at all…but from my level of understanding, God does not operate on fear and restriction. After reading some of the comments from the video, this has clearly stirred up some controversy…thoughts?

Christians can't dance?

What’s up good people…

I was having a conversation with my wife, when she proceeds to tell me that a colleague of hers is getting married. She’s getting married in the DC Metro area, and was looking for a caterer, reception hall, etc.

So, my wife was trying to help her out with some information. She suggested a few DJ’s in the area…and this lady says…

“OH, we’re Christians…we don’t dance.”

really? REALLY??

I completely understand if Christians wouldn’t want to have “The Whisper Song” by the Ying Yang Twins or THIS SONG playing…but is there any reason why you can’t play The Electric or Cha Cha Slide at a “Christian” Wedding and dance like the “God-Fearing Christians” you are.

I don’t understand why some people let religion…or their limited view of religion force them into such restrictive behaviors.

Christians can’t drink…can’t dance…can’t laugh…must wear chin-length skirts…no earings…no make-up…

I’m not one to mimick or belittle religion. I understand the historical concepts of spirituality and religion and the importance of religion in all of our lives…whether you believe in God, Allah, Buddah, etc. I absolutely believe that religion provides basic and sometimes complex rules and guidelines to life; and can provide limitless happiness and love.

I’m just not sure if God (insert other deity here) would be really be ashamed by you and/or your family’s decision to move rhythmically to drum beats.

Back to the sentiment…

“OH, we’re Christians…we don’t dance.”

Really?? If that’s the case…and I’m a Christian…and I DO dance…then what does that make me? How is the non-dancing Christian looking at me. What judgment may he/she towards my decision to dance.

*inner thought* I guess I’m being judgmental too by questioning the Christians-shouldn’t-dance-theory…but my judgment is better than hers..LOL


2 thoughts on “UPDATE: “I dont’ dance…I’m Christian…”

  1. Sigh…. One of my friends attends a church where this is the belief that Christians don’t dance… What is this?? “Footloose” all over again? How can this belief be reconciled with Psalm 149, Psalm 150, Eccl 3:4, etc? The people of Israel incorporate both singing AND dancing in worship before the Lord. All together men, women and children, singing and dancing in honor of God is a beautiful sight to the Lord.

    Yes, I follow Christ and proudly. And I dance… Now, if I find the music offensive, disgusting, absurd, etc., not so much. But I dance and sing with joy.

    I just don’t know where this thought comes from. It’s a sad thing. Now I can understand if someone only prefers listening/dancing to Christian/Gospel music, but to say that Christians don’t dance is simply not biblical…. very strange…

    On to the video and the pastor’s comments, I think it would have been better for him to say that dancing and celebrating is not sin, instead of “five minutes won’t send you to hell”, implying that what they are doing is sinful. While I thought it looked like lots of fun, I’m not sure it was appropriate for a worship setting. I do appreciate what he was trying to do in celebrating all of the generations in the church, it was great to see everyone represented…. 🙂


  2. Great topic Mike. I get reactions like yours regularly. I’m interested to hear the comments are they public or are they just emailed to you?


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