Michael. I’m disturbed.

I’m so disturbed by this video…i mean…down to the core. I’m disTURBED.

Am I the only one that was watching this like a train wreck.

What’s with the jolly-pimp-walk out of the vehicle..

What’s with the seemingly staged & place “fans” screaming for MJ?

Did Michael pump his fists toward the ground?

What’s with the erratic/robotic movements at the end…like he was trying REALLY hard to briefly live the Thriller/Bad days.

No, forreal…on the really-real…his face, y’all…HIS FACE! What’s up with his voice. It’s like he has a constant cold…and it’s extra-deep. The Hair/wig

Like Kanye Said…Michael Jackson –  Amazing.

Here I am, sitting at my desk job feeling sorry for Michael Jackson.

This tour is going to be something to see.


One thought on “Michael. I’m disturbed.

  1. Michael has been and put himself through some tough times. He is still one the greatest! I actually would LOVE to go to one of Michael concerts. I still like him, even though he is a little different. =)


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