Serious…SERIOUS Question!

This is some serious stuff y’all…


As I have a 2 year old…I’ve lost sleep thinking about this question…



Who's the biggest Jerk?
Who's the biggest Jerk?

Swiper the Fox (from Dora the Explorer) or Oscar the Grouch (from Sesame Street)…

Swiper is a jerk. He steals things from Dora during while Dora and Friends are trying to save orphan animals. The thing is…Swiper DOESN’T EVEN KEEP THE STUFF HE STEALS…he just doesn’t want Dora to have it. What kind of ISH is that?!??

Oscar is a just an a-hole…always angry…slams his trash can door in people’s faces. His pet is a worm, and he’s just a nasty…nasty muppet. He treats Elmo the worst!…and who can be an a-hole to Elmo.

Serious Stuff y’all…

What are your thoughts!

4 thoughts on “Serious…SERIOUS Question!

  1. Yes, but Swiper has sort of a playful dickery thing going on. Granted, his impact is not funny, but his presentation is comical and Dora knows it’s coming. He’s helping her teach the chillens by fabricating a crisis.

    Granted, Oscar clearly does love his neighbors, but puts on a gruff “don’t bother me schtick.”


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