Mos Doom

What’s up fam?

I’m not sure how familiar y’all may be with “underground” hip hop artist DOOM…a.k.a. MF Doom, V iktor Vaughn, Zev Love X, King Geedorah, Metal Fingers, etc….

On the real…(and I’ve thought long and reflected for a minute about this…)


may be……

one of the most lyrically advanced hip hop artists of all time. He not only rhymes the words (’cause that’s easy…and has little to do with being a good MC)…this dude rhymes and connects 4-5 words per sentence…he uses the # of syllables and matching consonants to connect phrases and link his flow between stanzas. I’m telling you…very few artists have ever even TRIED to do it…nor CAN THEY do it.

His flow is so unorthodox…it’s almost not like music. You can’t just put on his albums and nod your head to it…because you’ll probably miss something. FORREAL!

If you are not in touch with DOOM…you are truly missing out on one of hip hop’s greatest lyricist.

If you don’t believe me…check out what Mos Def had to say about him…

“Rappers is strippin’ males, out of work jerks, since they shut down chip’ n dales…they chippin’ nails…Doom…tippin’ scales…let alone the auditors countin’ all the ship and sales…this goes out to all my peoples, skippin’ bail…


3 thoughts on “Mos Doom

    1. yeah yeah yeah…I gave you credit for that already. i’m not gonna keep giving you credit for that…

      unless you want me to keep bringing up the Cam debacle of 1998. LOL


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