Dear Radio, I’m through!

Turn off the radio...turn off the B.S.
Turn off the radio...turn off the B.S.

I know I said that I wasn’t going to use this blog for negativity…but I just can’t hold it in any longer!

I can’t do it anymore, captain…I just can’t!

The radio makes me want to vomit! A LOT!

So, I’m listening to a Morning Show in the DC metropolitan area…and they’re doing another “People Pole Question” about the same tired, boring, wack a$$ topics that they do once every 2 days…

Do women want men with money… or some BS like that.

And, honestly…it’s not so much about the music. It’s these wack-a$$ morning (and some evening) talk shows. I’m tired of the divisiveness. I’m tired of men vs. women talk. I’m tired of black vs. white talk. I’m tired of these ridiculous, juvenile, sensationalized topics that are purposefully and mindlessly thrown together to be “controversial.”

We can’t ignore the music, right? I get that they have crap to sell, and money to make…but at what expense? Kids (and adults) listen to this crap…and it’s psychological and emotional programming. Even the damn commercials…sickening. How many times can you play “Stanky Leg” in a 2 hour period. How many times can you play “Blame it on the Goose.” 10 year-olds are singing these songs word-for-word…talking about “Blame it on the Vodka…Blame it on the Henny.”

I’ve been listening the radio less and less for the past 5-6 years now…but I think I’m officially done, besides traffic and news. iPod it is.

OK, I’m done.

Continue with your day!


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