A group of friends and I were having beef on Twitter. Not real beef, but still.

I sent them, what I call a striking picture of Amber Rose, Kanye’s on and off again main chic. Striking meaning that you are immediately drawn to stop and stare, as if in awe. It’s not necessarily about her body or figure…but the entire experience of looking at her is striking.

I sent them a message, along with the picture below, simply stating “WOW!”

Amber Rose

Some of my people are saying it’s a “hot” picture, but not a WOW picture. All I’m saying is…what does a WoW picture consist of…because this here…is like Wow!

What’s the verdict? Is this a “Wow” pic or what? I’m thinking (and KNOWING) it is!!!


7 thoughts on “Wow!

  1. I am 1 of them that was in the Beef/discussion on twitter.. WOW for me is reserved for the shocking.. it has nothing to do with the looks of the individual or the pic itself.. WOW is shock value for me. If i have not seen basically awhole bunch of naked pics of her already, then this might be a WOW pic.. but this is defintiely a hot/fire pic. But she is a WOW pic.. very beautiful.. but jsut beacuse you are a WOW chick doesnt mean all your pics will be WOW…


  2. This is definitely WOW… this lady is gorgeous and when you have the ability to make folks stop and stare literally, and I’m not talking about no Beyonce type stuff cause she’s losing it to me, you are doing something right…


  3. I’m going to have to say that this is not really a “wow.” It’s an honorable mention, but not a “wow” Picture. To be a “wow,” picture, it has to be something that you don’t see every day and commands your attention. You see this everyday (if a BET viewer). Her side profile leaves everything up to the imagination.


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