The Idea of Manhood…

The idea of Manhood, is nebulous like black holes
And harder to find that Sadaam in man holes
And they say you’re defined by those around you
But what if nothing but assholes surround you
They say you can find a definition on TV
But who’s our role models, Sean Carter, Cosby
Out of touch with reality like PS3 games
The only reason we listen is the strength of your last name
We all know that you’re so out of touch
Looking over his glasses, looking down on us
So condescending
So reprimanding
So not-seeing-the issues-from the pedestal your standing
Maintaining the same frame of mind is just insane
‘Specially when you’re getting older and you’re losing membranes
Sayin’ you’re a soldier to avoid the mundane
Means nothing to me, like Chic-fil-a on Sundays
They ask “how you doin,” and you say “Maintainin’?”
But what’s “Maintain’” when you’re covering pain
The idea of manhood means nothing to women
Just a battle for position while pushin’ and pullin’
And in my humble O-PIN-ION
Most ladies can’t keep a man, cuz you don’t understand them
See, you believe all the BS like Mars and Venus
We don’t think w/our hearts, right, and only with our penis
And while sometimes that might be true
Deep down inside you want the same things too
See, Society teaches us to be less expressive
And internalize the bullshit and everyday stresses
So, while you cry from cards in hallmark stores
We become cold inside and clench our jaws
This could be a reflection of the lines I just mentioned
Or it may be a simple cry out for attention
See, we’re a little more complex than TV may say
To them, we’re all thugs, drug dealers, wife beaters, or gay
But what about the providers, the fathers, the teachers,
The soldiers, the preachers, the doctors, the leaders
The idea of Manhood means more, and I hope ya
Not listening to everything you hear on Oprah
Her ideas are hers, and opinions they may be
But how you have shows on motherhood, but ain’t got no babies?
Shows about relationship and keeping your life in order
With no man, a chef, and an assistant to take orders
Just keep that in mind,
When you’re standing behind
Every book club, every show, every line
If anything, first learn knowledge of self
And soon come prosperity, the love, and the wealth
See, the idea of manhood means more than it may seem
More than the future of a young boy’s dream
From birth to death, and everything in between
Honoring, loving, and respecting your Queen
Is the cornerstone of what being a King is
And with all, the damn thing is
They still portray us as being cavemen
We still seeing the aftermath of being slaves, man
Trying to get out of this box, but the damn lock sticks
So many of our relationships are so damn toxic
Most people have no idea, forreal
Or do they really care, forreal
Turning to books, blogs, and bogus banter of us black boys
Is like turning to TV, just to hear the white noise
On every channel, do you see how they depict me?
My grandmother would say “A look at dem Picnee.
The idea of manhood is relatively uncharted
And that’s exactly the reason I started
In a way that’s a little more appeasing
Than me standing up here yelling or screaming,
while beating my chest,
But hey, that’s what we do best…


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