I, unabashedly support Kanye West

What I figured out after 4 days of defending this guy, Kanye West

1. I should be his public defender. Folks have been linking me on EVERY. SINGLE. PIECE of news he makes. LOL. I think that’s cool. I’ll take that. I think people think like they offend me or that I’m mad or emotional. If you know me, you know what I’m passionate about so it shouldn’t be a surprise. I have a podcast called THE IDEA OF MANHOOD…come on. Lol. But I think these are great conversations about topics that are WAAAAY bigger the Kanye.

2. You can find an angle to defend (or offend) ANYONE when it’s convenient to your own personal agenda or angle. Not that folks are out here caring that much about Ye…but I think the way folks feel about Kanye, Kim, Obama, Trump, Scalia, Kendrick, the Pope, Olivia Pope, Oprah, Steve Harvey….has 93% to do with YOU…and 7% to do with the celebrity. There’s something about Kanye and the like, that fill a narrative in YOUR life, or in the media’s ANGLE, or on your timeline…in relation to your success and/or failures, etc…that makes us so connected to the story. It’s really fascinating.

So, unabashedly…I support Kanye…because he reminds me of me and I see myself in many of his actions and thoughts. His anger, his frustration…his outburst…I swear I have the same thoughts about work, or people that I think don’t respect me…but that’s my angle. What’s yours?


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