The Idea of Manhood Ep 24 – The FML and My Barber Episode

I’m super tight this week because my barber messed my hairline up. I want to swift-karate-kick him in both shins.

This episode is titled after a track on Kanye West’s most recent groundbreaking album, The Life of Pablo, #TLOP. I know half of y’all fake-hate him this week, but listen and tune-in anyway.

There is a track entitled “FML.” We all know what FML stands for, right? Some may say, F*ck My Life. On this track, it may stand for “For My Lady.” Either way, the lyrics are profound, especially in relation to the lives of men. Don’t think too much of the messenger, but read deeper in the words of the first verse to  F….M….L.

Listen to Episode 24 Here

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I been waiting for a minute
For my lady
So I can’t jeopardize that for one of these hoes
I been living without limits
As far as my business
I’m the only one that’s in control
I been feeling all I’ve given
For my children
I will die for those I love
God, I’m willing
To make this my mission
Give up the women
Before I lose half of what I own
I been thinking
About my vision
Pour out my feelings
Revealing the layers to my soul
My soul
The layers to my soul
Revealing the layers to my soul



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