Random Thought – Boys are easy…

This is a very random thought…
Many current and future parents and society as a whole share the sentiment that boys are “easier” to raise than girls. The idea is that boys are more level, don’t have the “attitudes” and emotional “stuff” that girls have…Then there’s the whole period/PMS/pregnancy thing that girls have to endure that boys don’t…
I beg to differ…
I think the socio-emotional development of boys are grossly misunderstood and misinterpreted…which leads to us (collectively) neglecting the emotional needs of boys as they develop into adolescent and young men.
I believe this neglect leads to boys “acting out” in their high school/college years…it leads to men treating themselves and others poorly…leading to men being unable to fully express themselves or strive in personal relationships….leading to stress, internalized “issues…” heart and health issues, and general self-destructive behaviors leading to death and destruction…
There’s a lot of attention on the emotional and self-esteem empowerment of girls and teaching them how awesome they are. All of this is very intentional for girls….and not so much for boys.
This has to change.
I am going to change this.
The Idea of Manhood

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