What Ellington Taught Me Today

Wow. Back from March of 2009. Lessons, man. Lessons!

The Idea of Manhood

I got a story to tell…LOL

It was a rough morning…but I always attempt to take a positive lesson away from every experience: good and bad!

I get our son Ellington dressed in the morning. It’s “our thing;” Daddy and Ellington time. I wake him up singing. We have our special “Good Morning” song.

I say…90% of the time, he’s in a great mood. He wakes up smiling…no problems.

However, on some morning (LIKE TODAY)…he wakes up in a not-so-good-mood. As he gets older, I try different strategies when he cries…I always make sure he’s not hurt. Once I assess that, I often try ignoring him; just smiling and playing with him through the crying; I try offering him food (any kind of cereal usually works)…water, etc. But at times…when my patience is on E…I get upset…I raise my voice… you know… all the things that parents should never…

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