The Idea of Manhood Season 2 Episode 22 – That Validation is Everything

What’s good fam!

This episode is strictly for the fellas…kind-of.

This episode is to acknowledge the regular dudes; the guys that do what they have to do for the betterment of those around them…and to provide a little validation for the decisions that many of us make.

Let’s face it…in the current narrative in our country and within our culture, it’s a challenge for men to carve out a space to acknowledge the realities that many of face. It’s similar to white people screaming about all lives mattering.

This podcast is a space to acknowledge and validate…a virtual fist bump, if you will…to the dudes out there making things happen without the fanfare of celebration.

This episode just offers a little validation to the guys making this happen out there.

That validation, is indeed, everything!

Thanks for listening!








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