Hire FiveMikes

Your organization needs more FiveMikes.

Mike leaves an indelible mark on all of his audiences. Whether you need an MC, a presenter, or a facilitator, Mike has the ability to provide an authentic experience for your group.

Master of Ceremony (MC): Hiring an MC for your event is more than finding the most popular voice. The key to a successful large event is having the appropriate MC to move your program along, keep your audience engaged, and empower everyone in the room. Mike is a true Masters of Ceremony that is equipped to make your event exactly what you envision.

Motivational/Topical Speaker: FiveMikes wants to empower your audience, both young and old. Below is a sample of some of the topics in which Mike can engage your audience:

  • Leadership: Leadership with a Capital L.
  • Empowerment: Moving from a deficit mindset to an empowerment mindset
  • Disconnect and Engage: How to turn off your devices to engage with the world around you.
  • Education: Transition from High School to College

Facilitator: A facilitator, by definition, is a person that makes a process easier. Whether you are planning a group meeting, training, workshop, or conference, having a strong facilitator can lead to a successful event. Mike is available to facilitate your event in an effort to make it a success.

Hire FiveMikes: For more information about hiring  FiveMikes for your event, please e-mail mike@theideaofmanhood.com.