The Idea of Fatherhood

There is no blueprint for fatherhood.

For many reasons, it is not customary for men to share information from generation to generation about the challenges of fatherhood.

Many times men enter fatherhood blind, and blindsided by the inherent challenges that present themselves within their new role. The challenge is magnified by the isolation that many men experience. Feelings of inadequacies are heightened by prevalent messages within (social) media that showcase fathers as aloof, accident prone, and merely another child and burden for the mother.

This leads to fathers being typecast in their own home into 2 roles; supporting the mother, or glaringly absent.

The Idea of Fatherhood workshop series led by Mike “FiveMikes” Andrews will consist of 1:1 coaching/consulting opportunities, group sessions, and discussion series that empower men to be intentional and active fathers within their household.

  • 1:1 or Group Consulting/Coaching Sessions for New Fathers
  • 1:1 or Group Consulting/Coaching Sessions for Fathers Interacting with the Education System
  • Speaking to High School/College Aged Men About Fatherhood

For more information about hiring Mike as a coach, consultant, facilitator, or speaker, please contact




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