What is The Idea of Manhood

We operate on love, not fear. We are here to empower! We are not here to put anyone down. We are not here to elevate men, at the expense of women. We are doing this together. The Idea of Manhood is a movement that includes, but is not limited to the podcast, a blog, and a general focus on empowering young boys and men and the community. The entire focus is on balancing out some of the national and societal discussion that pits men against women; that says we don’t need each other; that leads to resentment; and broken families.

The Idea of Manhood Podcast

The podcast will make you question your idea of manhood, and give us all a forum to be validated, respected, and honored.

 This podcast will explore and discuss pop culture, fatherhood, relationships, and current events from the perspective of a progressive, cultured, and regular guys; like your pops, your uncle, the cool band teacher from high school, and your boy that almost went pro.  The Idea of Manhood podcast is a powerful and positive resource for educators, fathers, mothers, wives, husbands, students, and citizens that care about the empowerment of young men and boys.

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