Who is Five Mikes

Mike has truly taken an intentional approach to align his passion and his profession for the duration of his career.

Mike received both his Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Social Science and Masters of Education in Counseling (specializing in College Student Personnel Administration) from James Madison University. He is a proud “Double Duke!”

Mike is privileged to have worked at some of the United States’ best colleges and education organizations where he utilized his undergraduate and graduate instruction, and natural leadership ability to create safe, empowering, and encouraging learning environments where students and parents feel safe and are primed to get the most from their environments.

Mike is also a dynamic public speaker, and is regularly called upon to host events, lead presentations and workshops, and engage the public to deliver complicated or complex messages in a friendly, easy-to-understand manner.

Mike approaches education and life from an empowerment perspective; focusing on the good things that work to address the challenges in any environment.An inspiring and passionate poet, speaker, motivator, coach and writer, Mike “FiveMikes” Andrews leaves an indelible mark on any audience he reaches.  Through humor, hip hop, hope, love, and authenticity, Mike keeps audiences connected and transformed. 

Mike started his Podcast, The Idea of Manhood, in October of 2015, and it is truly a labor of love, focused on altering and validating the idea of manhood, at the same dang time!

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2 thoughts on “Who is Five Mikes

  1. To My Brother in Spirit, Love, and Fraternity,

    This podcast is a blessing to me and I am sure to a number of others! Don’t stop sharing ‘the message’, as there is a little something in every ‘session’ for everyone to absorb.

    Love, Peace, and Blessings – ’06!

    Bro. Chris Carter

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